wheel of life- goals- priorities- values

Achieve Your Goals by Aligning Yourself with Your Core Values

wheel of life- goals- priorities- values

Achieve Your Goals by Aligning Yourself with Your Core Values

We have made some good progress over the last few weeks. We have reviewed and set some goals for the year, considered and prioritized the values that are important to us and worked through a Value Statement. The next step I would have you consider is what is called the “Wheel of Life.” What I would have you do is draw a number of concentric circles. (Concentric means circles with the same center.) Now, in the very smallest circle, which of your purposes represents the core of who you are, write in your Value Statement. Now, divide the main picture into 8 pie shaped pieces, leaving the central circle alone. For each of the pieces of the pie, consider them as aspects of your life. Here are names for the pieces: Career/Business; Family and Friends; Finances; Romance/Intimacy;Health;Social/Fun; Personal Spiritual; Physical. Having done so, if each of the smaller circles represents a value, say from 1 to 10, where would you be in each of these areas of your life, based on what you feel your current position is? Shade in the various areas, from the central circle to your current personal ranking to give you a visual representation of where you find yourself now. You have established your personal Wheel of Life.

Action Time.

Seeing your own personal scoring in each of these sections, how does your scoring line up with your goals for the year? Based on your Value Statement, what would it take to step up any one piece of the pie one or two more levels toward a 10? Based on your Value Statement, which one needs the most attention and is one you are willing to and will commit to taking the time to focus on? What steps will you commit to get to the next level and in what time frame? Put down some ideas for where you want to focus, set some time limits and share the process with someone close to you. Review often then rate yourself in 3 months to see how you are doing? I would look forward to hearing about your Wheel of Life and the steps you are going to take to better your position. I would be honored to coach you through the process and keep you accountable to yourself in this rewarding and purpose driven process.
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