vision for future

Creating a Vision for Your Future that Delivers Joy

vision for future


Creating a Vision for Your Future that Delivers Joy

Through the month of January, we looked at values and coming up with a Value Statement. Whether we realize it or not, we usually feel most fulfilled when we live within our personal values. Often while I do something foolish or out of character and then generate a sense of guilt or shame, it usually is because I have stepped outside of the things I value most. Taking the time to focus on the values we feel important, writing them down and keeping them in front of us helps keep us on our personal track and doing the things that offer the greatest sense of fulfillment and what I will call “Joy.”
I would offer to you that these values live inside our mental state and, when focused on, will motivate us to those actions that fulfill our own lives and hopefully the lives of others.
So, this month, I would have you begin to consider the actions that flow from your values that give you purpose. I mentioned the Value Statement that I carry for myself: “Free to serve, grow and laugh through trust, integrity and zest, all for the glory of God.”   In looking at my statement, the first four value concepts are verbs, words of action: free, grow, serve and laugh. The last three are nouns: trust integrity and zest.  The last carries purpose. What verbs are in your Value Statement, what are the nouns and what is the purpose?

Action Time.

Let’s take some time to briefly experience your Value Statement at work to help in the next step, developing vision for the future. If your value or vision statement has verbs in it, take some time to look back over some of the most fond memories and events you have experienced. These may have occurred through pure chance or they may have been planned. It may have been a time when events caused your mental light to come on (some would call that an epiphany!) or you just did something out of pure intuition, it turned out well and you experienced a great sense of satisfaction. Write a few paragraphs about the event, the things you did in the process and the results. In this journaling, write down some of the emotions you felt. Now consider the process through the lens of your Value statement. How did they line up? What was the thought or action process that brought you into and out of this event? Was your focus such that all the events around you were blocked out and you were in the pure flow of it? As you write down a few of these events and consider them, are there any common elements that were part of these experiences? If so, what are they? I would look forward to hearing from you understanding what you developed. We are making some good progress.
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