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How To Make This The Best Year Yet

Audit Your Life and Make Necessary Changes

Then Count Your Blessings

This past year, I have mentioned taking time to journal events and issues in your life along with some of the feelings and emotions that you experienced.  I would offer you the challenge.  Take an hour or two and review the year’s events.  As you review events and relationships, what stands out from the past year?  What issues or relationships did you purposefully leave behind?  What opportunities did you pursue and choose to take advantage of?  In a different vein, what opportunities or relationships fell in your lap and you had the good fortune of being able to take advantage of?  What things are you glad you pursued?  What things do you wish you hadn’t?  Who should you express your appreciation to?
Having taken this brief inventory, is there someone that impacted your life for good that you could send a note of appreciation to?  Is there some benefit that you earned or received that you could share with someone who helped you get there or perhaps someone who doesn’t deserve it and you could show them some undeserved merit? (Some call that “Grace!”)  Is there some other way that you can “count your blessings” to start the year on a strong note?
Action time!
Last week, I wrote about setting goals for the year.  If you have taken the time to write some goals for the year, how can you use the things you have discovered in reviewing the last year to fine tune your goals for the upcoming year?  Consider adjusting your goals to deal with the things you are going to discard or leave behind, opportunities you are going to take advantage of, and personal strengths you are going to build on.  Give it some effort, write them down, carry them with you, and review regularly.  I would look forward to hearing from you and helping monitor your results.
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Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

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goals, resolutions, scoring in life

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