mapping out your life

How to Map Out and Achieve Your Goals for the Next 10 Years

mapping out your life

Planned Success: How to Map out Your Goals for the Next 10 Years and Achieve Them!

The other evening I had the opportunity to attend the celebration of a friend’s 40th wedding anniversary. It was an enjoyable reunion of various family members and friends that had known the couple over the years. As part of the evening, the couple talked about their years together, the struggles they had gone through as well as the abiding love they had for each other. The children also took the opportunity to share for a few minutes some of their memories of growing up.
One thing that struck me as I watched them discuss their memories was the memories I had of their children, especially their son. Their son, now a fully grown man with a wife, not to long ago was a thin gangly kid, rather uncoordinated but with a certain sense of humor and a quick smile. His parents had that same certain level of humor that was pervasive in their conversations and their lifestyle. Now he is a standup comedian in a local venue. He is participating in the dream of his youth, one he envisioned and worked toward. It would have been hard to imagine that then but, now, what a deal!

Action Time!

Two action items this week. There are a number of sites that can take a current picture and age it some 10 years or so. For the fun of it, make up one of these pictures of you 10 years in the future. (I can’t recommend a site cause I don’t know the security issues involved. If you aren’t 18 yet, check with your parents first. Do be careful when doing this and be sure not to release personal confidential information.)
Now, make a time line of your whole life. Start at your birth. Use a picture of you as a baby and put it at the beginning of the line. Make the line reasonably long. Don’t get concerned about the age your body gets to room temperature cause right now that is a little morbid and none of us have a crystal ball. Let’s focus on the next 10 to 20 years. Take your current picture and put it somewhere close to the left end the line. That is where you are now. Put the hypothetical picture on the line about half the distance from your birth to where you are now. (For those math people, if you are, say 16, 10 years are about half of 16 so 10 years into the future would be about half the distance from birth to 16 and then added to 16. Got it?  If not, go back to the word “Now.” and read it again! If you have it, continue! )
Now, put the major events on the line that you remember from growing up. Put down why they were important to you and a thing or two that you learned from them. Next, put some major events on the time line between your current picture and the 10 year from now picture. One might be graduating from high school, another from college, getting your first professional dream job, or other events that you want to accomplish in the next 10 years. Got it? Good!
Now write down some details for the events you’ve listed that you want to accomplish to make those events meaningful to you, not to anybody else, but just to you. As this blog is getting long in the tooth, let your imagination go to work and dream of the next 10 years. Chances are very great they are going to happen anyway. What do you want to make of them? Would look forward to a picture of your time line and what you have learned.
By the way, I would remind you that Bill Cosby, one of America’s most loved comedians and one of my favorites, was a once a teenage kid.


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