creating a vision statement

Creating Your Perfect Vision Statement

creating a vision statement

Creating Your Perfect Vision Statement

In continuing the theme of developing and exploring a value statement, with your permission, a story about my own exploration may offer some inspiration. I was working through my own value statement with a coach (yes, I have a coach that helps me think through my own processes!) My ultimate goal is to set up a vision for the future based on the values that I have. What we were doing was looking at each word in the statement to work out how it fit into how I wanted to live and work.
The first part of the statement is, “Free to serve, grow and laugh”. Part of my life structure is enjoying the serving of people. I enjoy learning what they desire and need and then helping them obtain it. I get jollies out of seeing them take steps to obtain the goals they have set for themselves and the satisfaction they receive in doing so. So service is something big to me. The next word in the sentence is growth. The reason I enjoy serving is it provides the opportunity for others to grow and as they grow, I am learning from them and growing as well. That is a win-win for both of us.
As I was walking through this mentally, the theme of the old classic song “Is that all there is?” popped out. When we accomplish something, and there is no more to do, growth can stop in that area. There is usually a letdown after some major accomplishment. If we don’t have some other area to grow in we can become mental and physical couch potatoes. On the other hand, when we make mistakes, the mistakes give us the opportunity to continue to grow, as long as we persist. So, in my thinking process, serve and grow brought meaning to the word “Free.” Serving people as they grow gives us both the freedom and security to grow personally even through mistakes and still bring benefit to each other. Now, if you add laughter to the whole deal, what some might call “Joy”, I would be living out the first part of my value statement. Such a deal!! I am sure you have already thought of that but for me, that was a good use of my thought and it’s laying a foundation for the vision that I want to generate.

Action Time.

Having taken the time to create a value statement and writing out some scenarios where you see your values and skills at work, what are some of the emotions that you experienced? Do these activities provide an energy high or was it a drainer?   What are the drainers? Work through generating some of these ideas and you will be one step closer to designing a vision statement for the days ahead. I would look forward to hearing what your progress is.


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