Turning your Vision Statement to Actionable Goals

Turning your Vision Statement into Actionable Goals

Turning your Vision Statement to Actionable Goals

Turning your Vision Statement into Actionable Goals

The tunnel is getting brighter. Since January, we have been working through developing a values/purpose statement with the ultimate goal of developing a vision for what we would like our future path to look like. No guarantees that it will be like what we envision. The goal is to have a vision for the bigger picture.
In my personal values statement, I have listed, first, some action words (serve, grow and laugh) then some nouns (trust, integrity and zest) to generate action and finally a purpose (for the glory of God) to fulfill the purpose of living the way I do. I offered the example of putting personal insights into the action words and how they were important to me. The next step I took was to put some meaning into the action words and the purpose to come up with a few meaningful paragraphs describing my value statement.
So, here is what I would suggest as the next step. With a broad brush, put down the key goals that you have for the next year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years for both your personal and professional life. Don’t get too specific. Choose to list out the biggies for each of these time periods. You can deal with the steps on getting there later. Once you have listed these out, work on the common threads between these goals. For me, they were the relationships I have with family, friends and business acquaintances, then the maintenance of existing resources and the future purchase of new resources and finally, the areas of recreation that I would like to become involved in. With these as a list, I would suggest developing paragraphs that summarizes the core of your values when incorporated into the goals you have set for the next 10 years. How about them apples?
This probably will take some thought and a few runs at it. In the end, I hope to have developed a rich and full vision of what and how I hope to approach the next years that have been allotted to me.

Action Time.

There are many ways to make these meaningful statements. With the values, I found it easier to look through a list and find the most meaningful concepts. Others would suggest you write down the values that come to your mind in a 30 second time period. I offered some additional steps in the process to design some vision for the future. I am not suggesting this is the only way.   It is one way I have found to be reasonable. The goal is to Just Do It. Having gone through the process, the challenge is to live it out. I would look forward to what you develop. If you wish, I would enjoy looking over your shoulder and hold you accountable to getting it done and then living it out. That is what a good coach does.


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