Going the Distance in Life: Creating Something Bigger than Yourself

Going the Distance in Life

Going the Distance in Life: Creating Something Bigger than Yourself

Going the Distance in Life

Creating Something Bigger than Yourself

There are a number of ways to accomplish things. Before the task is done, there are a few steps. You have to figure out what you want to do, have a plan to do it, determine any materials necessary to complete the task, start the process, modify when necessary and then complete the process. There may be some other steps but I think you get the idea. The big question is “What is the benefit?” The benefit part always has some type of reward. It can be material gain, avoidance of discomfort and/or pain or just for the joy of it.
When thinking about a career, we often look at the material gain part. How much will it pay? What is the benefit package? What type of working environment is it in? All of these are based on certain conditions and considered “Conditional Motivations.” In looking into careers, these conditional motivations are one of the elements of choosing a career and what type of preparation we are going to make to be successful.
Conditional Motivation is great in the short run. Yet when challenges come or the process becomes difficult or boring, there has to be some additional motivation or we crash and burn. “Crash and burn” comes in various ways, underproduction or burnout being two obvious results.
The alternative is an internal motivation for a purpose larger than you, that larger purpose being something that you find fulfilling and worth the effort. Many people choose pretty difficult tasks in nasty circumstances yet they complete them and in the end enjoy the results. That type of motivation is considered “Intrinsic Motivation.” Conditional Motivation is good for short-term rewards along the way. The benefit is lost once received and spent. Intrinsic motivation is a stronger motivation tool because the benefit is never used up. It can be a strong memory or seeing the results played out on an ongoing basis.

Action Time.


If you are a student, take some time to consider your source of motivation. Grades on a test or in a class are short term rewards and fade after received. They are great “Conditional Motivators.” They help along the way. Try thinking about the long-term reason for your studies and preparation.
Look for the big long-term purpose. For the visual types, try making a picture of the results and post it in an obvious place where you see it every day. For the auditory type, try making a short recording, put it to music and listen to it on a regular basis. For the hands on learner, make some physical object you can hold to remind you of the end you are going after.
When challenged, revisit your Intrinsic Motivator to help go the distance. I would look forward to hearing what your motivators are and what tools you use to remind you of where you are going.


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