Why You, Yes YOU Are Amazing

all the little things that make a machine go

An Amazing Piece of Work You Are

In 2005, my business car was growing tired and circumstances were such that we could afford a new car.  As a financial guy, I usually don’t recommend a brand new car and hadn’t ever purchased one for myself.  Story is that my dad, in 1966, bought his special order car at about the age I was in 2005.  So I decided that I would do the same.
I researched various brands and decided on an Acura TL.  My dad had ordered a red 1966 Ford Galaxy 500 XL 2 door with black bucket seats a custom license plate and a big engine. So, I ordered a red 2005 Acura TL with black interior, a 6 speed transmission and a navigation system directly from the factory. We had to do this as there was no such car on the West Coast.  I had to wait 3 months for the car to be manufactured and shipped to the dealership.  When shipped, the dealership provided a tracking number so I could track the car as it made its way across the US. Needless to say, it was an exciting day when the car finally arrived.  Our family went together to pick it up and complete the paperwork.  The first drive was delightful.  I came home and spread the news.  Close friends came for their first ride and to drive my “luxury sports car.”  It was well maintained and polished and spent nights in the garage.  When I went to put gas in the tank, I would spend a few minutes at the station to wipe of the dust off the car and make sure the small area where you put in the gas was dust free.  I think you get the picture.  This car is a great car.  I enjoy it to this day.
Today, it is parked outside and it does get a little dustier.  The interior needs to be vacuumed, the rims need to be cleaned and there are a few small dents here and there. I had to buy a cover for the steering wheel as the leather is wearing out.  The oil gets changed regularly but is a little dirtier then when I changed it early on and now it’s burning a few quarts between changes. The headlights need to be replaced as do the shocks. I have to give it increasing attention to get even less performance and satisfaction.  Yet, I greatly enjoy just getting into my “luxury sports car.”
For a moment, I would have you consider the amazing machine you are in.  Consider your means of locomotion, your feet.  Your feet can take you many more places and accomplish far more types of locomotive actions than my Acura.   We can go slow or fast, backward or forward and sideways.  We can jump in the air, kick or porpoise through the water. We can balance on beams or ski down slopes or in the water. And that is just a few of the acts our feet participate in much less our knees, hips, elbows, hands and fingers.  And we haven’t started to even think about our eyes or ears or heart or lungs.  And then there is this thing called our brain.  It allows us to coordinate all these different extremities for a vast array of different feats.  Now compare the human to the animal kingdom.  We can train our bodies to do, on some level, virtually everything any animal does.  Our bodies can be trained to quickly accelerate or run for long distances.  We can swim or do gymnastics.  We can develop our bodies to lift heavy weights or move gracefully on the floor or in the water. But wait a minute.  We haven’t even mentioned the internal processes in our bodies that are managed without a conscious effort.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to live if you had to consciously think about telling your heart to beat, your lungs to expand and contract and oh, by the way have your mouth taste food while the air is flowing in and out.  And then, on top of all of this, we manage relationships and emotions.  I hope you get just a small part of how valuable you are not just for what you can do, but for who you are.


Action Time!

Take a minute to think about all the stuff that you do and have the ability to do and enjoy.  Take it all in for just a moment. Isn’t that amazing?  I mean really amazing!  And you do it in your own way.  That makes you truly unique.  So are all the others that surround us. Take a minute to think about those around you and how amazing they truly are. Then, have a conversation with them about it.  I bet you will get a buzz.  They probably will, too.  Let me know what happens.  I would look forward to hearing from you.
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To Jump starting your Life!

Coach Rossitto





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