goals, resolutions, scoring in life

How to Set Goals NOT Resolutions

goals, resolutions, scoring in life

How to Thrive and Grow in 2014

5 Areas to Consider When Setting Goals

The New Year is here and we are already one week into it!  In the mind of a child, days seem to take forever; distant events feel like they will never get here.  For the active, busy adult, time flies by with tomorrow being yesterday before today has started (Isn’t that a great one liner?). Here’s something to consider at the start of the year…


Many of us, with the best of intentions, make New Year resolutions with all the enthusiasm that new starts offer.  I would have you consider setting goals for the New Year rather than resolutions.  There are five areas that I would have you consider: spiritual, mental, relational, physical, and recreational.  Rather than getting after you on what you should do, let me briefly share with you the goals I have for the year.  On the spiritual side, as Christian, my desire is to learn more about the person of Jesus and therefore the Bible.  I choose to focus on one long book or a few short books of the Bible and read that book/books once a month while in parallel reading what other commentators say. On the mental side, as I enjoy reading, my goal is to read one book a week with the mindset of focusing on one broad topic for the year.  On the relational side, my focus, this year, is to observe the body language and energy of those closest to me as a means of understanding their mindset and drawing closer to them.  On the physical side, I seek to maintain the same exercise routine I have and lose a few pounds.  On the recreational side, one area I want to become familiar with are the compositions of Bach.  My desire is to track my progress in a journal as well as on Goodreads and share with you some of the insights that come my way through the course of the year.

Action time!

What about your goals?  If you are considering setting goals for the year, consider the areas that I have mentioned.  I would have you consider goals that are dependent solely on your activity.  For example, if you are a student, consider setting goals for progressing in how you learn and not the grades you earn.  Grades are dependent on your efforts and the input of a teacher.  You can control your efforts.  Your grade may also be dependent on the teachers’ opinion.  That is something you can’t control.  If you are in business, set your goals on activities and adjust the activities to meet the employers’ requirements and/or your personal career goals.  If you are a parent, set goals for the activities you want to do and the lessons you desire to teach.  The mindset is to do your part.  Your personal identity or achievement shouldn’t be dependent on the results.  Write them down, carry them with you and review regularly.  I would look forward to hearing some of the goals you set and working with you to be accountable toward reaching them.
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Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

Coach Rossitto





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