How to Build a Strong Relationship

Positive Feedback Leads to a Stronger Relationship


That’s what friends are for

Having been in the financial services industry for a number of years, I have developed close ties with many of my clients.  It is a delightful time to revisit how some of those relationships began and how they have developed over the years.
I’m not going to get overly nostalgic with you, even though it is the end of the year.  I know that you can appreciate the need for relationships with someone who you feel comfortable and can trust.  Consider reviewing how the relationship started, what the basis for the relationship is, how it started, how it was strengthened and what steps you can take to strengthen it further. If you are desirous of having more such friends, try taking the same steps with other individuals  (Daaaa!!)
If you are falling down in this area, try looking at your conversations.  Barbara Fredickson, from the University of North Carolina, along with Marcial Losadahav have studied relationships and found that for a relationship to be on a steady keel, the ratio of positive to negative comments is about 3 to 1.  Other studies suggest 5 to 1.  Think about some of the people you admire and their conversations with you.  How do these numbers apply?

Action Time!

Take a few minutes to think of some of your closest relationships and your conversations.  How do you deal with these people?  Are you offering significantly more praise then criticism?  How do they deal with you?  If you are in the habit of make New Year’s Resolutions, make it a point this upcoming year to offer praise to those closest to you.  Encourage them on their strengths and when they have accomplished something celebrate with them big time.  I bet you will find your relationships to deepen and the year will be more fulfilling.  You may even find your health to take a turn for the better.  As always, I would look forward to hearing from you and the relationships you impact.
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Here’s to an Amazing New Year!

Coach Rossitto





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