Are you a great storyteller?

Don’t Bore your Audience

Enrich your Content with Storytelling

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Wikipedia indicates that Lu Chao can express PI to some 67,890 digits, taking more than 24 hours to recite all those digits.  Can you imagine sitting in the room, listening to some guy whose name sounds like an Asian sneeze doling off number after number, transcribing then verifying each of 67,890 digits?   Imagine being in a warm room with a box of sharpened pencils or an iPod and having to verify each digit.  No coffee, tea, sandwiches, a bathroom, or pillows available.  Boring! Conversations filled with facts may express how able we are to keep stats, which are impressive.  However, people then associate you with your knowledge retention! More impressive is persuading people to come with you to accomplish what your facts and figures demonstrate.  To do so, you have to capture emotions.  Weave facts into a story and you will not only leave an impression but often persuade to a point of view.  Most of us will forget the points of a presentation but will quickly remember a humorous or personal story in it. I just did it.  Offered a fact, painted a picture, added some emotion.  You may remember who holds the record.   Hopefully, I have persuaded you to present your facts with a story.

Action Time!

Next time you have to give a presentation, work into the presentation a story that uses the facts with some level of emotion.  Need not be dramatic, or roll-on-the-ground humorous, or bring-out-the-hankies sorrowful.  Use some imagination.  Have some fun   with it and see how your audience responds.  Then check with them the next day to see if they remember the facts or the story.  Check a week later.  Write me to tell me what the circumstances are and the results.
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To Your Success!

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