Finding Who You Are

Who are you? 

Establishing your core values

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A classic rock song from the late 70’s by “The Who” asks the question, “Who are you?”
It was not long ago that I went to a recently released film starring Denzel Washington that ends with the same question, “Who are you?”   This reminded me of a priceless concept…
If you haven’t taken the time lately to reflect on what makes you you, take a few minutes to write down the things you value because you’re values are what defines you.  If you take the time to write something down, it helps lodge it in your mind.  If you carry these with you, in your wallet or purse and look at them from time to time, sometimes you’ll get a buzz of motivation. This is because they remind you of who you want to be and sometimes they will motivate you to be the person you want to be.
Some values to consider—  Health, Loving relations, Adventure, Achievements, Creativity, Financial Security, Simplicity, Faith, Gratitude, Learning, Wisdom, Pleasure/Fun, Compassion, Mercy. 
Action time…
I am sure you can come up with others of your own.  If you want to have accountability for them, you must share them with someone who will help you stay on top of them. Take the first step and write them down here.


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